The Room
Located in the tranquil desert landscape of Yucca Valley California, the listening environment is close to silent and ambient noise interference is not an issue. The control room has been analyzed and tuned with specific acoustic treatments to maintain a near flat response. In this room any problems that may have slipped through the recording/mixing phase will be obvious and easier to treat accurately.


– PMC TB2s Passive Monitors
– Parasound Halo A23 ClassA/B Stereo Amplifier

AD/DA Converters
– Antelope Orion 32
– Mytek Stereo96 ADC
– Mytek Brooklyn DAC
– RME Madiface

Outboard Gear
Shadow Hills Equinox analog summing mixer & monitor controller
– SPL PASSEQ Mastering Equalizer
Manley Labs Nu Mu Mastering Limiter
Lexicon PCM60 vintage reverb

All DAW software configured with many plugins including: UAD/Waves/Sound Toys/Brainworx/Plugin-Alliance/Omnisphere/etc..
– Pro Tools 10/11
– Reaper
– Logic
– Ableton